IT Strategy Training Syllabus

Module One Introduction: What is IT Strategy?
Module Two The "big picture":
  • Overview of Business Capability
  • Business Process needs  
  • Information Technology Capability
  • Building an IT Capability 
Module Three IT Strategy Overview: 7 steps to IT Alignment
  • Business Drivers and Imperatives
  • Technology implication
  • Creating the “as-is” view
  • Envisioning the “to-be” capability
  • Identifying the gaps
  • Prioritizing the alternatives
  • Devising a migration plan
Module Four
Business Drivers and Imperatives
  • Business driver
  • Understanding their imperatives
  • Assessing their impact
  • Case studies
Module Five Building the “as-is” capability view
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Metrics
Module Six
Envisioning the “to-be” capability
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Metrics
Module Seven Identifying the gaps
Module Eight
Prioritizing the Alternatives
  • Framework
  • Business value
  • Cost
  • Risk
  • Prioritization
Module Nine
Devising a migration plan
  • Discussion of migration approaches
  • Selection criteria and rationale
  • Planning for migration
Module Ten Case Studies in Practical Applications

Summary and Next Steps


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