IT Governance Training FAQ

Does this course define IT Governance broadly?

This course defines IT Governance broadly as a collection of management, planning and performance reporting and review processes with associated decision rights, which establish controls and performance metrics over key IT investments; business/IT alignment decisions; the effectiveness of IT program and project deployment, the efficiency of IT delivery, infrastructure and operational services and new or change request authorizations and compliance with regulations, laws and organizational policies. The broad definition encompasses how well IT is providing value to and servicing the business as well as doing its part in complying with regulations and organizational policies and plans. This is a “How to Course that is Pragmatic and Actionable,” that can enable an organization to migrate from its current state of IT governance to a higher level of IT maturity and impact the bottom line significantly.

What are the benefits of this course for business and IT executives, managers and professionals?

  • Understand the issues, challenges and growing importance of IT governance
  • Learn how to assess an organization’s current stage and level of IT governance maturity
  • Utilize the integrated and comprehensive IT governance framework and roadmap, which leverages current and emerging industry best practices and models, to establish an action plan for substantially improving the effectiveness of the IT function and resources
  • Be able to plan, develop, deploy and sustain an effective IT governance policy, process, techniques and tools
  • Apply the lessons learned to plan, manage, deploy and sustain an effective and robust IT Governance framework and its major components
  • Be exposed to select current and emerging industry and government best practices and select case studies
  • Sharpen and refine your knowledge and competencies
  • Understand your role in the IT Governance process, regardless of whether you are a Board member, “C” level executive, manager or professional
  • Help to achieve greater success in your work, regardless of whether you….. - Know a lot about IT Governance - Know very little about IT Governance - Are responsible for developing, enforcing and/or improving some aspect of IT Governance
  • Develop a personal action plan for you and your organization to create proactive awareness and commitment to action 

What are the benefits of this course for non-IT Professionals?

In today's fast paced and hyper competitive world information technology is a strategic weapon.

  • Is your business leveraging this weapon to its fullest?
  • Are you collaborating with your IT organization to the extent you should?
  • Are you maximizing the returns on your IT investments?

Perhaps, as a non-IT professional you have seen the promise of IT. You are also keen to unleash the power of IT. However, the punditry and complexity have intimidated or dissuaded you from delving into it in a meaningful way.
This course makes it easy by dealing with this topic in a comprehensive yet simple manner. Additionally, it deals with IT from a business perspective hence for a business professional it is easier to follow.

Is this a technical course?

This is a management course dealing with the topic of IT. It provides a business and management perspective of IT governance and emphasis performance management, critical success factors, key metrics and overall accountability for results.

Will I be able to contact the instructor?

Yes, Dr. Gad Selig, the instructor for this course, will be available via the web. You can pose any questions about the course material.

What are the topics covered in this course?

This course covers the following topics:

  • Why IT governance? Driving forces and challenges; Executive View of IT governance; Who benefits and what are the value propositions? The Role of the Board and Executive Management in IT Governance
  • Overview of Industry Best Practice Standards, Model and Guidelines covering some aspect of IT governance – PMBOK, PMMM, CMMI, ITIL, Security, select ISO standards, COBIT, Prince2, others)
  • IT Governance framework and roadmap; Key Governance Processes- Planning, Execution, Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard, Steering Groups, Outsourcing etc.
  • Principles of Business/IT Alignment Excellence; Business and IT Plans, Investment/Portfolio Management Criteria; IT Engagement Model; Balanced Scorecard
  • Principles of Program/Project Management Excellence; PM Life Cycle Phases and Templates; PM Metrics; PMO; Risk Management; Select SDLC frameworks
  • Principles of IT Service Management and Delivery Excellence; ITIL (It Infrastructure Library) and its value; Metrics; Work Flows; Business Rules
  • Principles of Vendor Management and Outsourcing Excellence: Vendor Selection, Negotiations and Management
  • Lessons Learned and Critical Success factors
  • Select Case Studies
Want more information?

Can I see how the course is organized, and can I get a copy of the list of specific topics that will be covered?

Download the Course Syllabus for the structure and subject areas covered by this course.

What is included in the price of the course?

The course price includes the following:

  • Online course presentation - ~250 Slides with audio narration. 
  • Course material for download - ~250 Slides in Adobe pdf file format
  • Access course content and downloads online 24x7x365 at your convenience at
  • 90 days access to all course materials (can be extended by contacting support). Course bundles - two or more courses bought at the same time - provide more time to access the courses:
    • 2 Course Bundles provide 6 month (180 day) access to both courses in the bundle
    • 3 Course Bundles provide 9 Month (270 day) access to all the three courses in the bundle
    • All course bundle provides a 1 year (365 day) access to all four courses in the bundle.
  • Certificate of completion (upon completion of the final exam with a score of 80% or higher)
  • Access to subscribers ONLY discussion groups  (lifetime;

How do I access the course?

The course is accessed online:
  • All course materials are available to you 24x7x365 (except for short durations when the website is offline for maintenance/upgrades etc.) 
  • On the CIO Training Portal:
  • ONLY the account that bought the course can access it i.e. you MUST use the login credentials (username and password) used to make the purchase to access the courses. You can use your CIO Index account (login credentials) to access the CIO Training Portal. Please use the login box to the LEFT: login page

What is the technology used to access the course?

To access the course, your computer must have an internet browser (All major browsers - IE, Chrome, Firefox - supported) with Adobe Flash and Javascript installed. We recommend having a broadband connection but dial-up connections also work. Please disable all pop-up blockers. Please test your computer by accessing this demo tutorial.

What if I cannot complete the course in the time allotted?

Please contact us and we will extend the time. We honor all reasonable requests.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes. You must complete the final exam with a score of 80% or higher. After completing the course material, please contact us.

Is there a final exam? If so, how is it administered?

A final exam is OPTIONAL - you can take it to receive a certificate of completion provided you receive a score of 80% or higher. The final exam is administered online just like the course. Please contact us upon completion of the course materials and we will grant you access to the final exam. 

  • You can take the final exam at any time as long as it is within your course subscription period (please refer to the subscription information above)
  • There are no make-up exams - only one attempt is allowed

How do I pay for these courses?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal (which accepts all major credit cards) .

  • After you have added a course to the shopping cart, we will request your billing address/information
  • Then you can select a payment method on the "select payment method" screen 
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    • Paypal redirects you to your account page
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    • You can access your account page directly:

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. Conditions Apply - please refer to details here.

Are CIO Index and/or AIMIT "accredited"?

No. CIO Index is the largest community of senior IT leaders with 30,000+ members and accredits its own courses. 

Do I get Professional Development Credit (PDU)?

No. Currently, we do not provide PDU.


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