Enterprise Architecture Training Syllabus

Module One Introduction—The EA Toolkit

Objective: Understanding which strategies for enterprise architecture work and why
  • Architecture: What and Why
  • 4 Mini-Case Studies
  • Best Practices
  • The Enterprise Architecture Toolkit
Module Two
Using the Business Framework
Objective: Understanding what business information to collect and how to collect and analyze it
  • The Business Framework
  • Capturing the Current
  • Analyzing the Current
  • Capturing the Target
  • Analyzing the Target
Module Three Using the Architecture Framework—Part 1

Objectives: Understanding how to translate business drivers to architecture outputs
Understanding how to develop architecture outputs
  • The Architecture Framework
  • Principles
  • Models—Part 1 
Module Four Using the Architecture Framework—Part 2

Objectives: Reading architecture models - Describing six dimensions of architecture modeling
Understanding key facets of Inventory and Standards
  • Models—Part 2
  • Inventory/Standards
Module Five Translating Architecture to Projects

Objective: Identifying and selecting viable architecture projects
  • The Framework for Implementation
  • Identifying Projects
  • Selecting Projects
Module Six Six Data-driven Project Implementation Strategies

Objective: Understanding how to intentionally minimize architecture project scope
  • Six Strategies for Containing Project Scope
Module Seven Key Implementation Activities

Understanding what to measure and how to create metrics
Understanding how to gain concurrence for the target architecture
  • Defining Metrics
  • Gaining Concurrence for Architecture
Module Eight Key Architecture Processes

Defining architecture governance
Assessing and defining key processes
  • Governing Architecture Compliance
  • Related Architecture Processes
Module Nine Supporting Policies

Objective: Assessing adequacy of policies and roles that enable architecture
  • Key Architecture Roles
  • HR policies/processes for the architecture team.


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