Enterprise Architecture Planning Course

Enterprise Architecture Training: This online enterprise architecture (ea) course is designed to familiarize you with the frameworks and tools you will need to develop enterprise architecture (ea).


Learn How to Make IT Do More for Less By Architecting the Enterprise for Success

Would you live in a house that has not been architected? Enterprise Architecture is to an business what architecture is to a house. However, developing an Enterprise Architecture without proven frameworks and tools is an exercise in futility. The Intro to Enterprise Architecture online training course describes what constitutes a "good enough" Enterprise Architecture and introduces proven methods to quickly develop one.

Developed by Infomajic, this in-depth course explains how many Fortune 50 companies use Enterprise Architecture to achieve business success. The program is led by Jane Carbone , a thought leader, management consultant, author and trainer with over 25 years experience developing Enterprise Architecture. Her audio narration guides you through more than 200 slides that show you, step-by-step, how to develop an Enterprise Architecture. In addition to the online course, which you can take at your own pace and convenience, you'll also receive a PDF version of the presentation, plus a certificate of completion. (pdf Download Syllabus)

A Proven Framework for IT Success 

This course discusses the "how to" of developing an Enterprise Architecture in a time-and-cost effective way. It teaches frameworks and methods that are:

  • Quantitative
    Intro to Enterprise Architecture  takes Enterprise Architecture from a nebulous concept to a business effort that can be measured, charted and understood.
  • Practical
    The course drills down to the practical construction of an Enterprise Architecture
  • Implementable
    Techniques explained enable easy implementation of EA.
  • Easy to Use
    Jane Carbone gets to the answers quickly and effectively.

Focused on Business Results

Whether you head up the IT department, the finance group, or the entire company, your primary focus is on creating value for the business. Information technology is only a means to that end. The objective of this course is to create a foundation for an IT infrastructure that supports the business.

This approach to Enterprise Architecture supports an effective and efficient IT capability, which in turn, drives business results.

The course answers critical questions like:

  • What is Enterprise Architecture?
  • Why is an Enterprise Architecture essential for business success?
  • What are the steps to create an Enterprise Architecture?
  • How do we implement this new Enterprise Architecture?
  • Are there tools and techniques available that can facilitate this journey?

Learn More About Enterprise Architecture Planning
If you'd like more details on the Intro to Enterprise Architecture course, click these links:

Most business leaders will agree that an Enterprise Architecture is a "good thing". However, they also will point out that developing one takes a long time and, when it's all over, one doesn't know if it was worth the investment!


Jane Carbone

Profile Detail (link):

Jane Carbone

Profile Summary: Jane Carbone is a co-founder and president of infomajic, llc. She has 25 years experience in Information Technology working with network provisioning, finance, regulatory, customer sales and service, billing and financial/credit applications. Jane has developed and used the infomajic Enterprise Architecture Toolkit methodology to conduct architecture assessments, to develop enterprise and data architectures, IT strategies, data models, organization designs and implementation project plans for banking/financial services, government agencies, IT HR and telecomm firms.
Type: Single Course
Certificate of Completion:
Final Exam:
Access: Public
Guidance: Self Directed
Mode: Online
Pace: On-Demand
Duration of Narration:

~10 hours


Frequently Asked Questions

Number of Slides:



Enterprise Architecture Course Syllabus

Products: Enterprise Architecture Planning Course
Period: 90 Days

What is the EA Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a set of practical, simplified frameworks and methods for assessing, constructing and implementing enterprise architecture.

How does this approach relate to the Zachman Framework?

The infomajic Toolkit uses three frameworks for enterprise architecture. The frameworks are consistent with, but simpler than the Zachman Framework. They focus on the “upper rows” and provide methods for developing the outputs associated with the “cells.” The Toolkit also addresses strategies for implementing target architecture. The approach is very practical—it’s based on experiences as chief architect.

Does the Toolkit address “soft” issues—like getting business buy-in for architecture?

Yes. The Toolkit includes a Framework for Implementation, which addresses strategies and practices for successfully gaining business and IT buy-in, and includes descriptions of key architecture processes and roles.

How can you translate conceptual architecture to reality?

The toolkit includes a step-by-step approach to translating architecture to manageable projects—how to identify, select and “downsize” architecture projects to promote success.

How can you ensure that business needs are addressed in the architecture?

Having wrestled with this problem, we developed the Business Framework and methods for translating business needs to architecture outputs. The toolkit also addresses financial considerations and measurement development to tightly link architecture with the business.

How do you create architecture outputs?

Using the Architecture Framework, we discuss what the critical outputs are—principles, models, inventory and standards—and include specific methods for developing them. Examples and exercises allow you to practice using them.

Can I see how the course is organized, and can I get a copy of the list of specific topics that will be covered?

Download the Course Syllabus for the structure and subject areas covered by this course.

Will I be able to contact the instructor?

Yes, Jane Carbone, the instructor for this course, will be available via the web. You can pose any questions about the course material.

What is included in the price of the course?

The course price includes the following:

  • Online course presentation - ~250 Slides with audio narration. 
  • Course material for download - ~250 Slides in Adobe pdf file format
  • Access course content and downloads online 24x7x365 at your convenience at training.cioindex.com
  • 90 days access to all course materials (can be extended by contacting support). Course bundles - two or more courses bought at the same time - provide more time to access the courses:
    • 2 Course Bundles provide 6 month (180 day) access to both courses in the bundle
    • 3 Course Bundles provide 9 Month (270 day) access to all the three courses in the bundle
    • All course bundle provides a 1 year (365 day) access to all four courses in the bundle.
  • Certificate of completion (upon completion of the final exam with a score of 80% or higher)
  • Access to subscribers ONLY discussion groups  (lifetime; www.cioindex.com)

How do I access the course?

The course is accessed online:

  • All course materials are available to you 24x7x365 (except for short durations when the website is offline for maintenance/upgrades etc.) 
  • On the CIO Training Portal:  training.cioindex.com
  • ONLY the account that bought the course can access it i.e. you MUST use the login credentials (username and password) used to make the purchase to access the courses. You can use your CIO Index account (login credentials) to access the CIO Training Portal. Please use the login box to the LEFT: login page

What is the technology used to access the course?

To access the course, your computer must have an internet browser (All major browsers - IE, Chrome, Firefox - supported) with Adobe Flash and Javascript installed. We recommend having a broadband connection but dial-up connections also work. Please disable all pop-up blockers. 

What if I cannot complete the course in the time allotted?

Please contact us to extend the time. We honor all reasonable requests.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes. You must complete the final exam with a score of 80% or higher. After completing the course material, please contact us.

Is there a final exam? If so, how is it administered?

A final exam is OPTIONAL - you can take it to receive a certificate of completion provided you receive a score of 80% or higher. The final exam is administered online just like the course. Please contact us upon completion of the course materials and we will grant you access to the final exam. 

  • You can take the final exam at any time as long as it is within your course subscription period (please refer to the subscription information above)
  • There are no make-up exams - only one attempt is allowed

How do I pay for these courses?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal (which accepts all major credit cards) .

  • After you have added a course to the shopping cart, we will request your billing address/information
  • Then you can select a payment method on the "select payment method" screen 
    • Use Paypal: To make your payment using Paypal, please click on the "Paypal" button and proceed to the Paypal site to complete your payment. 
    • Use Credit Card: To make your payment using a major credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover etc.) , please click on the "credit card" button and your payment will be processed on our website
  • After your payment has been processed successfully - there is an email sent to you if the payment posts correctly - you are automatically granted access to the course(s). 
    • Paypal redirects you to your account page
    • Credit card payments show a link to your account page.
    • You can access your account page directly.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. Conditions Apply - please refer to details here.

Are CIO Index and/or AIMIT "accredited"?

No. CIO Index is the largest community of senior IT leaders with 40,000+ members and accredits its own courses. 

Do I get Professional Development Credit (PDU)?

No. Currently, we do not provide PDU.

Enterprise Architecture Training Course Syllabus

Module One Introduction—The EA Toolkit

Objective: Understanding which strategies for enterprise architecture work and why
  • Architecture: What and Why
  • 4 Mini-Case Studies
  • Best Practices
  • The Enterprise Architecture Toolkit
Module Two
Using the Business Framework
Objective: Understanding what business information to collect and how to collect and analyze it
  • The Business Framework
  • Capturing the Current
  • Analyzing the Current
  • Capturing the Target
  • Analyzing the Target
Module Three Using the Architecture Framework—Part 1

Objectives: Understanding how to translate business drivers to architecture outputs
Understanding how to develop architecture outputs
  • The Architecture Framework
  • Principles
  • Models—Part 1 
Module Four Using the Architecture Framework—Part 2

Objectives: Reading architecture models - Describing six dimensions of architecture modeling
Understanding key facets of Inventory and Standards
  • Models—Part 2
  • Inventory/Standards
Module Five Translating Architecture to Projects

Objective: Identifying and selecting viable architecture projects
  • The Framework for Implementation
  • Identifying Projects
  • Selecting Projects
Module Six Six Data-driven Project Implementation Strategies

Objective: Understanding how to intentionally minimize architecture project scope
  • Six Strategies for Containing Project Scope
Module Seven Key Implementation Activities

Understanding what to measure and how to create metrics
Understanding how to gain concurrence for the target architecture
  • Defining Metrics
  • Gaining Concurrence for Architecture
Module Eight Key Architecture Processes

Defining architecture governance
Assessing and defining key processes
  • Governing Architecture Compliance
  • Related Architecture Processes
Module Nine Supporting Policies

Objective: Assessing adequacy of policies and roles that enable architecture
  • Key Architecture Roles
  • HR policies/processes for the architecture team.
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